Further empowerment to teachers and Heads of Schools...

Further empowerment to teachers and Heads of Schools


“A new Government will be empowering teachers and heads of schools to come up with initiatives and projects themselves focusing on how to help individual students combat illiteracy. “

The above statement was made by the Leader of the Labour Party Joseph Muscat, who was accompanied by his wife Michelle, during a visit to the Mifsud family in Kalkara.

Joseph Muscat claimed that the PL plan “One tablet per child, is not only a plan which we simply said we would do, but after seeing how this plan works in foreign countries, we know exactly where its funding will come from.”

The PL Leader also said that the expansion of the scheme Klabb 3 – 16 will be aiding several families, including the Mifsud family, by enabling housewives to go out and join the labour market, which as Ms Mifsud herself admitted has also become a necessity in order to cope with the family’s expenses.

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